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Henan association of Canada and Canada henan chamber of commerce zhengzhou office opened today

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Henan association of Canada and Canada henan chamber of commerce zhengzhou office opened today

  April 6,10.30 in the morning,Canadian association,henan chamber of commerce in henan zhengzhou zhengzhou office of zte's industrial park(zte new port)for the opening ceremony,Canada mp column,and for the wenshan city economic and trade development council chairman Godwin chan came to attend the opening ceremony,business hall,the province of henan province overseas departments responsible comrades to attend the ceremony.
  Founded in 1998,the henan association of Canada and the henan chamber of commerce of Canada is a non-profit member organization registered with the federal government of Canada,according to jiao zhenlong,President of the henan association of Canada and the henan chamber of commerce of Canada.At present,it has gathered more than 25,000 henan villagers living in greater Toronto area and become one of the local overseas Chinese communities with influence and appeal.Over the past 20 years since the establishment of the association and the chamber of commerce,they have done a lot of practical and useful work to promote the exchanges and cooperation between Canada and henan province in various fields,such as economy,culture,science and technology,education,etc.,giving full play to the role of bridge and bond.At the same time,led by the members of the council,he has donated more than 55 million yuan to the social welfare undertakings in his hometown of henan,including initiating the establishment of zhengzhou university scholarship and financial aid,and donating"100 overseas Chinese primary schools".
  To promote the construction and development at home and giving back to the hometown,serve people,the full implementation of the central deployment,henan province,zhengzhou city poverty engines work,and Canada henan association,henan chamber of commerce decided on April 9,2019 set up foundation for poverty alleviation,and gongyi city,west village people's government of the people's government,SheCun Town co-construction and poverty alleviation projects,the people's government for overseas Chambers of commerce in our country construction,giving back to the home land up platform;It also expands and opens channels for the development of gongyi city,constantly gathers overseas people of the same mind,integrates in various aspects,and jointly promotes the construction blueprint of livable,suitable for industry and suitable for traveling.
  Canadian association,henan,henan chamber of commerce plans to invest 50 million yuan($10 million for a period,the remaining 40 million yuan one by one vote),with the gongyi city government and henan in fujian agriculture co.,LTD.Signed a cooperation intention agreement,in gongyi city west village construction demonstration base for poverty alleviation,for poverty alleviation fund to promote industry development,cultivate poverty dynamic platform.The profits generated from the operation of the poverty alleviation fund will,on the basis of giving priority to xicun and xicun,serve the cause of poverty alleviation in gongyi city and provide strong support for the whole city's poverty alleviation work.

  Henan association,chamber of commerce in Canada in order to condense the countryside village,service service tenet,actively promote Canada and henan province in economy,culture,science and technology,education and other fields of exchange and cooperation,for the domestic and foreign enterprises,groups and other organizations and individuals to build a communication,cooperation and win-win platform,provides the more convenient interaction and meticulous service.

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