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At the beginning of the New Year, line-of-sight welcome

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At the beginning of the New Year, line-of-sight welcome

  January 30 is a milestone for horizon.On this day,many people are already immersed in the arrival of the Chinese New Year,the sky outside is heavy snow,and the company's various departments are still in the middle of the tense busy,this effort also brought the harvest and visual distance company signed the first sales order of the year-two sets of bulk conveying intelligent inspection robot.This gift is the best wishes for the Chinese New Year and also the best gift for the group company in the New Year!
  Due to the tight customer delivery cycle for the robot,the core team of the company did not rest during the Spring Festival,and daily overtime work has become the norm.On the seventh day of the first lunar month,all employees of the company entered the state of intensive work.The general manager held an all-staff meeting on the first day of work,during which the project was divided into tasks and work arrangements.Time nodes and quality assurance measures are highlighted.
  The bulk robot is the first intelligent product independently developed by the company.Due to the short project period,heavy task and the first official order of the company,it plays a decisive role in the image of the company.The company attaches great importance to it,iterates and optimizes each technical index of the robot,gradually improves the structure design drawing,and strives for the perfection of the product.Product engineer multi-channel comparison,strive for procurement of cost-effective raw materials and components;The test engineer carefully designs and builds the test track,and tries to test the product in the first time.Responsible person of the department actively contacts the outsourcing manufacturers for mechanical processing of robot parts;The software programmer shall develop the program synchronously to ensure the joint test and debugging with the hardware.The financial staff carefully calculated the cost,sorted out the contract,and actively raised funds to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

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