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2019 chairman of the New Year speech

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2019 chairman of the New Year speech

  Dear colleagues and friends of yuhua group,happy New Year!Greetings on the first day of the New Year,also wish you a New Year,new progress!
  How time flies!Another year!In the year of 2018 just left,China's private enterprises are going through a very tough time,with declining returns,many difficulties and a very bad economic environment.Judging from the current external situation and market environment,the difficulties of private enterprises will be further aggravated in 2019.
  The year 2018 is 40 years of reform and opening-up in China,and yuhua has been involved in the reform and opening-up period for half of that time.From scratch,from small to large,grateful for the changes in this era to create opportunities for yuhua.Since the establishment of yuhua 21 years ago,we have all been very cautious,we rely on steady and steady,steady reach,has made extraordinary achievements.However,we do not deny that we have made mistakes in decision-making during the years of operation and management,we have made common mistakes in private enterprises,and we have also encountered the cold and cheerless market environment.In the current state of the group,I deeply think and more firmly believe that only with stability can we achieve long-term success.I focus on doing what I am good at and achieve perfection.
  Like many private companies,yuhua is now facing a tough time,but this is not the first time,and we have survived each time,by what?Is confidence.Yuhua is the unremitting efforts of all colleagues.From a large perspective,the consistent determination and policy of the state on the economic development of private enterprises make us confident that private economy will not leave the market but play a greater role in the whole national economy.From a small point of view,yuhua group rely on their unswerving investment,do research and development,do development of the down-to-earth spirit,let us have the confidence to become more mature and stable in the face of this storm.
  Many private entrepreneurs say"this winter is too cold".Since the beginning of this year,our investment,trade and urban construction sectors have all suffered the impact of economic downward pressure and financial deleveraging,while our mining sector has also been hit by the"one size fits all"impact in the battle against environmental pollution.Under this dual pressure,corporate confidence is more valuable than gold.This is a labor pains that private enterprises must go through in the process of economic transformation.We have seen a package of policies supporting the development of private enterprises coming,and we believe that the development of private enterprises will receive unprecedented attention.
  The first ray of sunshine in 2019 has already shone into the earth,and it will also shine into each of our hearts and make us full of confidence.We need to stay focused,achieve win-win results,work together,and never change our original intention.I believe that under our joint efforts,the difficulties will always pass,happiness is not far away.In the past year,I would like to express my gratitude to all the colleagues who have done their duty for the development of yuhua.The development of the group is your future,and you are the future of the group.Thank you to friends from all walks of life for your help,support and love.We are also grateful for the setbacks and difficulties we encountered.It has tempered and tempered yuhua and left no regrets in its history of development.It's a New Year.I wish you all a happy New Year.I wish a happy New Year,family health!
  January 1,2019

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