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Shanghai guolong general election new chairman

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Shanghai guolong general election new chairman

  Assistant general manager of the New Year starts the first week,henan energy,international trade group co.,LTD.,chairman and party secretary cheng dong,henan all energy chemical group investment company chairman Meng Zhaojian,energy chemical industry group co.,LTD.,vice general manager of international trade,henan GuanYongWei,group executive vice President of Shanghai education China hua-wei liu and others countries to Shanghai dragon mining co.,LTD.
  Cheng dongquan expressed the Spring Festival greetings to everyone,and announced on behalf of the group organization department that jiang xiaolong was appointed as the new chairman of Shanghai guolong mining co.,ltd.and put forward higher requirements for the development of guolong in 2018.Cheng,chairman,said in 2018-2021,henan energy group will focus on building can"wisdom"group company,this year we will set up international trade company,aims to create an international sales,procurement platform,the dragon company based in Shanghai,with good geographical advantage,the next step will become international group subsidiary development contribution strength for the group.
  In the afternoon,invited by the procurement center of baosteel,the two sides communicated about the future cooperation,and affirmed the cooperation and mutual support in the past year.

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