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Junshan pharmaceutical a second session of the congress closed successfully

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Junshan pharmaceutical a second session of the congress closed successfully

  On February 28th,the second staff congress of luoyang junshan pharmaceutical co.,LTD was grandly held in the meeting room of the company.Attended the congress are junshan pharmaceutical all the leading team members and staff representatives of 50 people,non-voting representatives of 35 people,yuhua group executive vice President liu huawei attended the conference.
  At 8:20 a.m.,the conference kicked off with a solemn national anthem.Congress executive chairman vice secretary of the general party branch of the company,trade union chairman comrade zhang hou delivered the opening speech.Ten items of agenda were completed in one day.At the meeting,the chairman of the company,wang xuzhao,made the annual work report,the chairman of the labor union,zhang hou,made the work report of the labor union,the financial director,jiao weiguo,made the financial budget and final accounts report,and the vice President of production,fan lichang,made the production quality report.Yan dangxin,deputy general manager,read out the implementation plan of economic assessment of the production department;shao yi,minister of business administration,read out the implementation plan of inspection and assessment(discussion draft);liu huawei,executive vice President of yuhua group,also spoke at the meeting.
  In the afternoon session,the reports and motions were discussed in groups and voted through.This congress receives proposal of worker in all 45,also pass report and representative group discuss complete each agenda successfully and vote to pass.
  The conference pointed out the direction and drew a blueprint for the development of junshan pharmaceutical in 2018.All the representatives were highly satisfied with the content of the meeting.After the meeting,they expressed their full confidence in the development of junshan pharmaceutical in the future,and they would continue to do their best in their positions to contribute to the development of the company.

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