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Leaders of hebei iron and steel group visited duohua company

Author:Admin Published:2019-01-17 Views:126

Leaders of hebei iron and steel group visited duohua company

  On January 17,the leaders of hebei iron and steel group co.,LTD visited duohua company.Accompanied by the company leaders and the sales department personnel of longyu company,I visited the environmental protection equipment,molybdenum fine powder storage and other places on the spot,and then had a discussion in the company meeting room.

  During the discussion,a group of people from hebei steel factory first reviewed the company's quality management rules and regulations and quality management system certificates,etc.,and the company leaders introduced the company's products,production capacity,production process,quality control and other situations to the visitors.After listening to the introduction of a group of people in hebei steel plant,the company's production situation,quality control management is very satisfied.

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