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Luanchuan Xinbao Mining Co., Ltd. Holds the Reproduction Ceremony of Roadway Engineering

Author:Admin Published:2019-04-20 Views:122
  At 11 a.m.on April 20,2019,a burst of pleasant firecrackers rang through the valley.The resumption ceremony of roadway engineering of Luanchuan Xinbao Mining Co.,Ltd.was held in Yukugou,where the company's mines are located.The company leaders Zhang Songqi,Wang Hongsheng and Liu Huawei attended the opening ceremony.
  Luanchuan Xinbao Mining Co.,Ltd.is a polymetallic mining and beneficiation enterprise,which is controlled by Luanchuan Tianye Assets Co.,Ltd.,Luanchuan Hongsheng Lead-Zinc Mine and Shanghai Yuhua Investment Group Co.,Ltd.and has more than 10 square kilometers of prospecting and mining rights.
  Since the Group joined Xinbao Mining Company,after unremitting efforts,various approval procedures have been improved.The resumption of production means that the company is moving from the investment period to the payback period,which will add new profit growth points to the company in the future.

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